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STA’s franchising capabilities depend on the vast corporate, commercial, transactional, and litigation experience of its seasoned team of advocates in GCC. The team of advocates at STA advise domestic as well as internationally located clients, franchisors, distributors and manufacturers in vital aspects of distribution, structuring of networks related to franchise and franchising.

The franchising team at STA are experts in global Commercial Law practice who advise prominent brands and franchise parties within the international legal industry. The multidisciplinary team here at STA bears significant experience in advisory for a wide range of brands in the franchising arena including retail, fitness, education, hospitality, restaurants, cafes and food, and beverage, automotive industry, fashion, technology along with other industries. Lawyers at STA have advised clients who have embarked upon the journey of establishing new programs to the biggest manufacturing and distribution entities.

The Franchising Lawyers in GCC have specialized in arrangements for managing and sealing franchises and structuring franchise programs, compliance, co-branding, intellectual property and litigation services.

The challenges in the franchise agreement have been significantly understood by STA which is proficient in incorporating all types of business entities which range from single partner establishments to partnerships as well as LLPs and free zone businesses.

In coming of age, we come across various international brands where the trademarks of international businesses are omnipresent. GCC being one of the fastest growing investment destinations globally, many prominent franchise brands want to mark their presence in Bahrain.

The current franchise market in Saudi Arabia is advantageous to those who are anticipating investments and test their products and services. Franchising is called to be the most profitable path for growth of the franchise company in the global market.

Here at STA, we have multi-lingual speakers who work hard towards assisting the persons in the following challenges:

  • Negotiation of Franchise Agreements

  • Tax Structuring

  • Conspiracy

  • Due Diligence

  • Franchise System Expansion

  • Unit Franchising

  • Area Development

  • Commercial Agency Laws

  • IP Protection

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Master Franchising

  • Area Directorships

  • Competition Legislation

  • Import/Export

  • Domestic Franchising

  • Legal Compliance

  • Licensing and Distributorship

Since there are immense issues that have specifically arisen in franchising which has led it to emerge as a distinct speciality in Kuwait which also attracts other practice areas like contracts, securities, trademarks and all types of Intellectual Property Laws together with advertising, misrepresentation, antitrust, employment and alternate dispute resolution.

The franchise agreement revolves around the conditions mentioned below:.

  • The franchisee must be a national of GCC Countries or a company entity wholly owned by the national of GCC Countries.

  • The Agreement must be granted exclusivity over all or parts of the GCC Countries.

  • The agent-principal relations must be a legally registered one and the agreement should be notarized.

In Oman, the agreement has to be registered with the Ministry of Economy which will in turn provide the franchise distributors with the rights mentioned below:

  • Parallel imports may be blocked by the franchisee by informing the Oman Federal Customs Authority of the import of goods which is covered by the agreements.

  • It is difficult to terminate the agreement by the franchisor and a careful and meticulous drafting is required for the termination clauses.

When as a client for STA, you will be benefitting with STA’s global presence and network additionally with the local knowledge of GCC Laws. We advise the clients and provide drafting of the documents that will be the founding steps towards the franchising journey of our clients. Our Lawyers have expertise in drafting agreements which include guarantees, confidentiality agreements, non-complete agreements, expansion agreements and liability protection.

For any queries or legal issues, please contact us and allow us to advice you by our team of the best franchising lawyers in the GCC.

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